Bedroom TypeStarting FromUnit Size (sqft)No. Of Units
1 Bedroom$1,823,718775 to 893 sqft148
1 Bedroom + Study$2,296,3201087 to 1173 sqft110
2 Bedroom + Study$3,539,6401313 to 1442 sqft54
4 Bedroom + Study$5,017,7402099 to 2282 sqft24
Sky SuitePOA3272 to 4446 sqft4
Super PenthousePOA10140/11065 sqft2
3 Bedroom PodiumPOA1668/1991 sqft12
4 Bedroom PodiumPOA2648 sqft2
4 Bedroom Podium PenthousePOA4101 to 4618 sqft4

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