Concourse Skyline Latest Updates

20th October 2019: Book an appointment to view Concourse Skyline on-site show suites and enjoy direct developer prices and discounts.

20th October 2019: Concourse Skyline price list updated. Starbuy promo now on for selected units! Valid until 30th June 2019 only. Enjoy additional investment rebates depending on the unit types.

-1 Bedroom $108,000
-1 Bedroom + Study $158,000
-2 Bedroom + Study $208,000
-4 Bedroom + Study $288,000

Prices listed in the price list are before final discounts.

20th October 2019: Concourse Skyline now offers both normal payment(List price + 22% discount) scheme and deferred payment schemes(List price + 17% discount).

20th October 2019: Concourse Skyline balance unit chart updated. Now 76% Sold. Balance unit chart is only accessible by those who have booked an appointment to view the show suites.

26th June 2019: #14-13, #25-14 Sold

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